Take Out Kill Zone Booster, 1.5Lb

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No matter how healthy your food plot is, drawing big bucks in closer to your kill zone to feed on a rich, denser food spot is smart strategy. Kill Zone Booster Seed is formulated to germinate fast and create an ultra-tempting area in a small, targeted spot. Add it when you plant your plot, or after it’s already established. It’s designed for low-till planting, so only minimal ground prep with seed to soil contact is required to ensure optimal growth per square foot. Our quality mix of annual and perennial Clovers, Turnips, and Chicory gives you a healthy mix of leafy, attractive, nutrient-rich foods that handle a range of soils and conditions through cool weather.


– Low-till, no heavy equipment required
– Faster germination & establishment with proprietary seed coating
– Adds leafy, dense, nutrient-rich growth to desired range or targeted area
– Helps draw big bucks into bow range as they seek larger and denser food sources
– Blend of foods all dear crave – Clovers, Turnips, and Chicory


– Size: 1.5 lbs.
– 1/10 of an acre coverage (4500 sq. ft.)


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