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Plot Max may be the biggest and most revolutionary product to hit the food plot industry in a long time. Plot Max is a humic based, organic liquid carbon product that is mixed with water and sprayed on new or existing food plots. Food plots grown on soils sprayed with Plot Max are less subject to stress such as drought and are healthier which results in higher yields. The higher yields will mean more forage available for the deer and less over-browsing on smaller food plots! Lastly, PLOT MAX has shown to increase the pH level in the soil, which can improve fertilizer efficiency and the overall nutritional quality of food plots. PLOT MAX can be applied with most sprayers such as a backpack or ATV sprayer. Maximize your food plot performance this year with Antler King’s PLOT MAX. For best results apply in the spring and the fall on all new and existing food plots. Available in 1/2 or 5 acre container.

“Antler King customers expect results and to get those results, we use a spring and fall application of Plot Max on every plot we plant. What a fantastic product!” – Nick Jost, Custom Food Plots, Schofield, WI


– Can be sprayed anytime Spring or Fall.
– Can be sprayed on established plots or prior to planting new food plots.
– Will increase the pH level in the soil, improving fertilizer efficiency and overall nutritional quality.
– PLOT MAX will optimize germination, root development, growth and moisture retention through improved soil conditions.
– Increase available organic matter by almost 20%.
– Increase the amount of minerals and nutrients in the soil by over 50%.
– May be mixed with contact weed killers such as Round-Up, so with one pass you can apply Plot Max and kill the weeds.


– Size: 32 oz


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